A Sister's Love: Why We're Donating to OCRA in Honor of Karen Duncan

A Sister's Love: Why We're Donating to OCRA in Honor of Karen Duncan

Losing my sister, Karen Duncan, has left a profound emptiness in my life. Her brave journey through 11 years of battling ovarian cancer was marked by moments of incredible courage and kindness that touched everyone who knew her. As I reflect on her life and the deep impact she had on others, I'm reminded of her unwavering strength and resilience.

Karen faced her cancer with remarkable courage. Despite the challenges and uncertainties, she approached each day with a determination that inspired everyone around her. Her steadfast resolve never faltered, lifting others with her optimism and unwavering faith.

But Karen's true legacy lies in her kindness. Her heart was full of warmth and compassion, shown through simple acts of generosity and heartfelt support. Her love knew no bounds, and her legacy of kindness continues to resonate with all who were blessed to know her.

While Karen's absence is deeply felt, her memory continues to inspire us to live with the same grace, courage, and compassion she embodied. In her honor, I'm excited to announce an initiative that reflects Karen's commitment to making a difference.

For every purchase of a Jeunelle Aging Well Skincare product, a donation will be made to the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA). This initiative not only honors Karen's memory but also supports the vital work of OCRA in advancing research, promoting prevention, and providing support for those affected by ovarian cancer.


The Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA) is dedicated to curing ovarian cancer and improving treatments through innovative science, prevention measures, advocacy, education, and support for those affected by gynecologic cancers. As the leading ovarian cancer organization globally, OCRA has a significant impact, investing in scientific breakthroughs, securing federal funding, and supporting thousands of individuals annually. With a focus on research, OCRA fosters collaboration and innovation, supporting scientists at all career stages.

I invite you to join us in honoring the memories of my sister, Karen, alongside countless other women who have battled ovarian cancer. Together, let's support this important cause and keep their legacies alive. By standing united, we can offer hope and strength to those currently fighting this disease. Let us remember Karen, and all those who have faced ovarian cancer, not only for their courage and resilience but also for the impact they have made on the world.

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